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5th April 2015

It's always nice to have a shout out on Social Media from companies you respect and over the last year I've been very lucky :)  

Nice shout out from Canon UK on Twitter :)  Back in March Canon UK contacted me on Facebook and asked if they could use one of my portrait images to use on their social media channel.  This is the second time Canon UK have requested one of my images, they used one of my Lightning shots that had a Perseid Meteor on Google+ back in December 2014.  

On Easter Sunday they tweeted my image as one of their #CanonTip series :)

Oh and here is the Google+ link just in case you're interested :)

Back in December 2014 on Twitter the BBC Sky At Night (@BBCStargazing)  used one of my images of the Geminid Meteor shower to encourage other sky watching photographers to get out and shoot :)