Linda Enfield Fine Art Photographer

Food Photography

24th March 2015

When the weather is cold and raining it's a great time to experiment indoors with food photography :)

Canon - Shoot The Show

28th February 2015

In January I received an email from Canon asking if I would like to put my name forward to participate in Shoot The Show during London Fashion Week, I thought why not it'll be fun and it's always good to challenge yourself!  Thought nothing more (thinking I wasn't chosen as end of January had gone by) but then in February I received the email congratulating me on getting chosen!!!   From that time onwards I asked fellow photographers and surfed the net to find out what was best and came to the conclusion I had better learn to use AI Servo and BBF (Back Button Focusing).

On the day of the shoot I arrived at One Aldwych (a very nice hotel on The Strand), there were I guess about 30 maybe 40 photographers there.  Canon briefed us on what to expect and we had Tristan Fewings a professional fashion photographer talk us through the shots he would take, after the briefing we signed our forms (we can't sell the images etc…) and we were issued with our passes.   Canon escorted us over to Somerset House where we got our places in the Photographers Pit, I chose the front step as I'm short and we had to sit on it, photographers in the row behind had to kneel and the ones at the back had to stand throughout.  We had 2 shows to shoot (Trend and Designer)

Kit used - Canon 5d iii, Canon 70-200mm F2.8L IS and a monopod

Settings - Manual, 1/500th, F5.6, ISO 800, WB (Kelvin 4200), AI Servo, BBF, Focus Area (Expand AF Area adjusted just north of centre for shooting in portrait mode), Low Speed Continuous Shooting, Metering set to Evaluative.

Post production - Lightroom Only